Rupert MasperoHi, I’m Rupert Maspero. This is my home on the web, but you will also find me lurking in the tubes on other sites; TwitterFacebookInstagram, Youtube and Flickr. I’m currently reading a masters of General Engineering specialising in Electronics at Durham University, when not studying I can also be found running round like a headless chicken on a hockey pitch. I’m heavily interested in technology based startups and using technology in new innovative ways that truly make a difference, irrespective of the industry be it fitness, health, energy or automotive.

For a long time a passion of mine has been photography, I always wish I had more time for it. I started out developing film in a dark room, but have progressed with the times. My digital darkroom consists of Lightroom, Photoshop and a couple other little bits of software. The Photography section of this website was design to showcase some of my photography, so please enjoy.

In the archive sections of this site you will find my folly from yonder year, but for anything current please follow me on Twitter for daily drivel.